MXBOX is the most realized solution to make the Metaverse become reality.
MXBOX, the first aggregated public interface of GameFi+NFT+SocialFi+DeFi in the world, combines software & hardware and introduces IOT smart devices as virtual reality vehicles. VR, MR, and XR technologies are the major venues to make efforts, with different emphasis on each of them. VR (Virtual Reality) provides us with a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world, while AR (Augmented Reality) is the superimposition of virtual data generated by computer technologies into real-world scenes and interactions, without disconnecting the user's vision and connection to the real world, which emphasizes the enhancement of the virtual information to the real world.
MXBOX boasts a new visualization environment that combines VR and AR technologies to create a seamless virtual-reality world with the physical world + virtual world + digital information highly integrated. VR/AR terminals are not affordable, and usually, are uncomfortable to wear. What's more, the resolution, the field of view and other technical parameters have a large gap with human eye perception. The limited quality of pictures and problems like poor screen effect may occur to affect the immersion experience.
MXBOX from a technology concept into the application of real scenario is greatly expanding: "MXBOX + GAME", "MXBOX + EDUCATION", "MXBOX + MOVIE / LIFE VIDEO“, "MXBOX + SOCIETY", "MXBOX + INDUSTRY" and so on are gradually stepping into the golden period of development, and the market of virtual reality is exploding far ahead of imagination in terms of breadth and depth of the Metaverse.